Ocean and Island Books for Kindergarten and Preschool

Oceans and islands are all over the world.  The ocean's depths mirror God's love for us – there's more to them than we could ever see or fully know. It wraps around us like the water that encompasses an island. And in both places, you'll find incredible beauty and diversity – much like within the body of Christ.

Lead your little learners to learn about and explore the various land and water forms found on earth through rich literature recommendations and fun pattern block mats.

To accompany each of our unit studies, we curate a reading list that brings each topic to life. We hand-select books that will nurture children's wonder of creation, enliven connection with their Creator, and deepen their understanding of each subject area.

Favorite Books about the Ocean for Preschoolers

The Big Book of the Blue
Yuval Zommer
My Very First Seas and Oceans Book
Matthew Oldham and Jane Newland
ABC Gulls
Beth Rand


Water Land
Christy Hale
Arthur Dorros and Elisa Kleven


The Big Book of the Blue is part of the wonderful Big Book series by Yuval Zommer. This beautifully illustrated reference book will serve your family well for years to come. It describes many features of the ocean and the creatures living within, as well as environmental challenges the ocean is facing and how we can help to mitigate them.

Usborne's My Very First Seas and Oceans Book is an excellent first reference book on all things ocean for little learners. Use it to identify the ocean's characteristics, layers, resources and animals that live in and around it.

ABC Gulls by Beth Rand is a great book to help your little one develop familiarity with letters and letter sounds in a fun, ocean-themed context.

Isla by Arthur Dorros presents a beautiful story of a grandmother and granddaughter visiting their home island. Learn about island life and build vocabulary in English and Spanish in this culture-rich treasure.

Water Land by Christy Hale is a creatively structured book with pages shaped like the land and water forms they describe. With a handy reference chart and fold-out map at the back, you'll quickly learn about the various land and water forms found across the globe.

Christian Character Books for Kids

Each Compass Box includes Christ-like character traits revealed in nature and intended for us to reflect. In this study, we highlighted the character traits of a famous ocean explorer and those who represent a vibrant island culture.

Shark Lady
Jess Keating
Room for Everyone
Naaz Khan


Shark Lady by Jess Keating is a fascinating true story about Eugenie Clark and how she made it her job to study sharks in the ocean. Her diligence and perseverance taught the world there was more to sharks than once believed.

Room for Everyone by Naaz Khan is a fun counting book about and adventurous ride to the beach set on the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania. On the island, everyone is welcome.

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