Gardening Books About Seeds and Soil for Preschool

A seed is like a treasure chest. Hidden inside flowers and fruit, seeds contain the life of a new plant. With the Seed & Ground Compass Box, children learn how seeds grow and how the ground they're planted in makes all the difference. 

Each of our unit studies is accompanied by a list of books hand-selected to lead little ones in their discovery of the various elements of creation. Through engaging literature that brings to life the inner workings of the world God made, we aim to spark curiosity and appreciation for both creation and Creator. 

Favorite Books About Seeds and Gardening for Preschoolers

A Seed is Sleepy
Dianna Aston
Up In The Garden, Down In The Dirt
Kate Messner



A Seed is Sleepy presents in vivid detail an exquisite look at seeds of all kinds while telling the story of their lives.

Up in the Garden, Down in the Dirt gives little one a glimpse of what happens underneath their feet as the garden sleeps and wakes through the seasons. Instilling a sense of sequence and expectation, children get to explore the hidden world of good growing soil.

Christian Character-Building Books for Kids

Each Compass Box features a pair of Christ-like character traits revealed in nature and intended for us to reflect. Discovering the resources within and learning the process of nurturing and careful cultivation are just a few principles that emerge from this Compass Box and these complementary stories.
You're More Than A Sprout
Jill Roman Lord
We Are The Gardeners
Joanna Gaines 


You're More Than A Sprout is a lively and amusing story that takes young readers from the sky, underground, and up again following the life of a bamboo sprout. It's a dear reminder that through seasons of growing and waiting, God is always working wonders. 

We Are The Gardeners is a sweet story about perseverance in learning the intimate practice of plant care. What it means to nurture and cultivate are brought to life through this beautiful family's story of growing their own garden - and growing themselves in the process.

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