Books About Space for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

When we step outside and look up, that heavenly ceiling above our heads is the sky. It's the expanse God created to separate the oceans from the highest heavens of space. It's where we look for the glowing light from the sun, moon and stars. When we slow down to take notice, there's much we can learn from the sky and the elements God made to fill it.

Our Space & Sky Compass Box gave little learners a glimpse into the heavens as they learned about the universe and sky and made their very own space sensory bottle.

Each of our unit studies is accompanied by a curated reading list that brings each topic to life. We hand-select books that will nurture children's wonder of creation, enliven connection with their Creator, and deepen their understanding of each subject area.

Favorite Space and Sky Books for Preschoolers

When God Made The World
Matthew Paul Turner
The Planets
Fiona Watt
All About Weather
Huda Harajli, MA


What A Beautiful Name
Ligertwood and Fielding
The Usborne Big Book of Stars and Planets
Emily Bone
Ten Twinkly Stars
Tiger Tales
Mae Jemison: A Kid's Book About Reaching Your Dreams 
Mary Ninh


Fiona Watt's The Planets features eye-catching illustrations and includes a classical musical composition by Gustav Holtz. Press the button to hear the music for an immersive reading experience. Find additional online resources via the quicklinks available with the book.

All About Weather by Huda Harajli, MA wows inquisitive little learners who are wondering about everything that happens up in the sky. With vibrant colors and relatable illustrations, this book is a practical introduction to meteorology.

What a Beautiful Name comes from Hillsong's award-winning writers of the song by the same title. This book brings the song and majesty of God's creation to life through a little boy's exciting adventure through land, sea and space in seach of our wonderful Creator.

Big Book of Stars and Planets is a beautiful Usborne reference book that details all that's out there beyond earth's atmosphere. With large, fold-out pages and fascinating details, it's a book little learners will love for years to come.

Ten Twinkly Stars is a fun way to integrate math through backwards counting. The cut-out stars make for a fun sensory element as your little ones touch and count the stars on each page.

Mae Jemison: A Kid's Book About Reaching Your Dreams tells the story of a courageous and determined little girl who grew up to become the first African American woman to travel into space.

Christian Character Books for Kids

Each Compass Box includes Christ-like character traits revealed in nature and intended for us to reflect. A discovery of the universe and sky uncovers God's intentional design and mindful arrangement of everything He made, including (and especially) us. The following books lovingly highlight the ways we are masterfully made in God's image to fulfill His purpose.

The Creator in You
Jordan Raynor
The Inventions of God (and Eva)
Dave Connis


Jordan Raynor's first children's book, The Creator in You, is a stunningly illustrated book that sparks readers’ imaginations with the big idea that God created human beings to make, model, and work like Him. God may have finished His creation on the sixth day, but for us, it was just the beginning.

In The Inventions of God (and Eva), Dave Connis and Amy Domingo help little ones see God's creative nature inside of themselves. With lots of spunk and a spark for innovation, Eva is a delightful example of how God has created each of us in His image.

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