Creation Exploration: A to Z
Creation Exploration: A to Z
Creation Exploration: A to Z
Creation Exploration: A to Z

Creation Exploration: A to Z

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God-led learning is our approach of using the Bible as the primary text for study across subjects. Who better to learn from about creation than the Creator Himself? When we study the natural world through this lens, we get a glimpse of God's mind and character at work and His heart for His creation.

Creation Exploration: A to Z features 26 nature-based unit studies designed for children ages 2-5.

  • Each study uses Scripture to spark your child’s curiosity in the world around them and gently introduce academic concepts.
  • Units incorporate multisensory activities designed to build a strong foundation for language and communication, cognitive, social-emotional, gross and fine motor, and spiritual and moral development.

Ww is for World. " Heaven is yours! The earth too! The world and all that fills it—you made all of it! North and south—you created them!" - Psalm 89:11 CEB

Using Scripture as the primary source, your child will discover a new letter and letter sound as found in a keyword for the unit's anchor Bible verse. You'll dive deep into exploration of that topic through play-based learning activities that teach language and literacy, STEAM subjects and invite the study of characters with character throughout history. 


 Part I Part II

Discovery & Navigation Series*

(Ww and Pp)

Discovery & Navigation Series*

(Ww and Pp)

Space & Sky Series

(Uu and Xx)

Water & Land Forms Series

(Oo and Ii)

Light & Color Series

(Ll and Cc)

Feathered Friends Series

(Bb and Nn)

Biomes Series

(Ee and Kk)

Precious Stones Series

(Qq and Jj)

Water Cycle Series

(Vv and Rr)

Exemplary Animals Series

(Aa and Dd)

Sowing Series

(Ss and Gg)

Harvest Series

(Hh and Yy)

Reaping Series

(Tt and Ff)

Peaks & Valleys Series

(Mm and Zz)

*The Creation Navigation Series is the starter unit that establishes the foundation for this program. It is included in both parts so you can start with either collection of studies.

The spiral-bound Grownup Field Guide walks you through lesson facilitation. Each unit is comprised of the following elements:

  • A concept overview that anchors the natural world to God’s Word
  • Learning objectives grounded by our Cardinal Points for God-led learning (Identity, Faith, Stewardship, Mission)
  • A True North Devotion that points you back to the Creator as you study creation
  • A Learning Orientation that introduces academic concepts connected to the focus letter, word and verse of Scripture
  • Questions and learning prompts to spark ideas for your study
  • Thoughtfully curated living picture book lists
  • Access to themed worship playlists on Apple Music and Spotify to promote further learning on the topic through music
  • Multisensory activity ideas to promote learning through play across language and literacy, STEAM subjects and character training
  • 1 featured sensory activity with all special materials linked for easy Amazon shopping

What's Inside

    Your Little Explorer's Kit (pictured) includes everything you need to get your bearings on this new learning adventure, including:

    • 1 handmade wooden compass
    • 1 natural bamboo magnifying glass
    • Spiral-bound Grownup Field Guide to help you navigate each unit
    • Scripture literacy cards that correspond with each unit
    • Christ-like Character cards for each unit
    • Laminated nature hunt and activity cards for the Discovery & Navigation Series
    • Dry erase marker

    Additionally, you’ll receive access to printable resources, including alphabet tracing cards, nature hunt cards, and bingo lesson checks to use as you like.

    Please note: these are for your household’s use only. If you'd like to use the Creation Exploration: A to Z program for a classroom or co-op, please contact us for special pricing.