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Rightly Instructed

Light & Color Activity Kit

Light & Color Activity Kit

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Ll is for Light. Cc is for Color.

Activate your sight sense as you learn about light and color. Understand that our hearts are like lanterns made to carry God's light as you make your own solar lantern.

Included in every Compass Box:

  • 2 True North devotions that brings scripture to life and sets the stage for hands-on learning
  • 2 themed learning orientation cards featuring letters, vocabulary and an anchoring Scripture
  • 2 Christ-like character cards that highlight traits we can observe about God from the world He created (and learn to model ourselves!)
  • 4 dry-erase guided exploration activities (letter-themed nature hunts and "live the lesson" bingo)
  • 1 STEAM-based sensory activity kit
  • 1 Grownup Field Guide with 20+ pages of play and discussion prompts broken down by age (1-2, 2.5 through 3, and 4-5) for extended exploration. Keep and repeat year after year!

All cards are laminated for longevity!

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