Rightly Instructed exists to help you grow your little ones' faith while building a strong foundation for future academic learning. No more searching for ways to fit faith-building content into educational preschool curricula. No more struggling to infuse academic concepts into Biblical lesson plans. It's all here, framed for you to infuse your family's own style and chase down what interests your little learner most.

Our outlook

We wholeheartedly believe that the concepts we explore in science, math, art, language and literacy, culture — every single course of study — are rooted in God’s Word from the foundation of the world. So, that’s where we begin our learning adventure.

Our ethos

If you ask us, learning should be joyful and always point us toward our Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ. He is our True North and His Word, our reliable guide. Scripture brought to life through sensorial exploration of the natural world is the basis for a God-inspired education.

Our approach

Using Scripture and research-informed methodologies, the Rightly Instructed approach is built on 4 cardinal points designed to help little ones forge unbreakable connections between God's Word and the real world. On a compass, the cardinal points are North, South, East and West. For Rightly Instructed, we use this term to describe our four primary indicators of God-led learning.


What did God make? 

We encourage our little learners to engage in multi-sensory discovery of God's creation that builds recognition of natural elements while nurturing a positive sense of self and appreciation for the uniqueness of others.


How do the things God made work and work together? 

Experiential learning through inquisition, hypothesizing and investigation is what it's all about. We create space for this while encouraging our children to learn how to communicate their thoughts and ideas around all the "whys" and "hows" that bubble up in their minds.


How should I care for the things God made? 

We help our little learners grow practical understanding about care for themselves and their environment. We emphasize empathy and compassion for others and teach responsibility and accountability for words and actions. Ultimately, our goal is to equip and empower them to make choices that honor God, themselves and others.


How can I be the image of God He made me to be?

Our aim is to help our little ones learn about God's nature and character, recognize it on display throughout creation, and practice Christ-like qualities that let others see Him through their words and actions.