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Creation Discovery: Preschool

Creation Discovery: Preschool

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Let’s discover how creation’s opposites present a complete picture of God’s nature.

Creation Discovery is a complete, Christ-centered preschool experience that is:

🌱Nature based from a Biblical perspective
🌱Literature rich, with vetted picture book lists
🌱Planned for you, with multisensory activities
🌱Academically comprehensive, with flexibility for your family

Scope & Sequence

Creation Discovery is a 31-week program comprised of 10 thematic units that follow the pairs of opposites presented across the 7 days of creation. Each unit is broken into 3-4 weeks of study to cover an element of creation that begins with each letter of the English alphabet (plus alternate vowel sounds!)


Each week features 4 lessons. Lessons begin with an anchoring Bible verse and selected picture book read-aloud, followed by engaging activities to make the following learning connections:

  • Literacy
  • Math
  • Science
  • Music & movement
  • Art
  • Social-emotional development

Discovery Kit Included!

The accompanying God-led Learning Discovery Kit includes all the tools you'll need to spark your little learner's interest and orient your Creation Discovery adventure:

  • A copy of Let There Be Light: An Opposites Primer (Harvest House Publishers)
  • A bamboo magnifying glass with wrist strap, perfect for curious little hands
  • Forest scavenger hunt: 24 two-inch hardwood discs laser engraved with images and names of things to look for in nature.
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