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Compass Box 2.0

Compass Box 2.0

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In a world that calls you to forge your own path, teach your little one to trust the Lord to direct their steps. 

This learning kit includes:

  • A set of 2-inch laser-engraved wooden discs to map pathways, including START, END and various directional arrows
  • 15x25 inch grid-printed mat for methodical planning
  • USA-made wooden compass with lanyard (colors vary)
  • Digital learning guide to take the guesswork out of meaningfully engaging your child and connecting subjects back to Scripture.

Your learning guide includes

  • Printable flashcards that teach Scripture and Christ-like character
  • A True North Devotion that orients your child toward Heaven
  • A read-aloud recommendation and guided discussion to help us follow our Heavenly Father
  • Hands-on play prompts that boost literacy and STEM skills

God-led Learning Objectives:

  • Develop counting and math skills while also honing planning, strategy, and problem-solving abilities. 
  • Build spatial relations and physical orientation awareness.
  • Invite imaginative planning and building as you construct small worlds on the grid mat.
  • Boost language and communication skills by telling stories about the journey toys take across the grid mat. 
  • Discover how we can get directions from God when we seek Him in prayer and read His Word. 
  • Discuss how following God’s directions will lead us to Heaven to be with Him! 
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