Cornerstone Sensory Story Kit

Cornerstone Sensory Story Kit

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For the diggers, builders and budding engineers.

Did you know the cornerstone is the very first stone laid in a building project, and all other stones are laid in reference to it? Jesus is our Cornerstone, and when we build our lives in reference to Him, the Living Word, we're sure to stand on a strong foundation.

This sensory story kit includes:

  • The House That Went Splat (The Good Book Company, paperback)
  • 10 mini bricks
  • 6.5oz kinetic sand
  • 2 construction vehicles
  • Mini slate slab

All proceeds from this sensory story kit will be donated to the financial aid fund at Cornerstone Academy in Mount Airy, MD.

About Cornerstone Academy:

Cornerstone Academy's mission is to deliver a high-caliber education focused on academic excellence, global citizenship, and spiritual and personal development with a biblical worldview. Founded in 2001 as a school for students diagnosed with learning differences, today Cornerstone is an educational haven for students of all learning styles and abilities. Through compassionate instruction and scaffolding, Cornerstone is committed to educating and equipping the whole body of Christ.

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