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Creation Exploration: A to Z

Creation Exploration: A to Z

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Release Date: March 21, 2024

A collection of guided, multisensory nature-based science unit studies with cross-subject connections for learners in Kindergarten through 1st grade.

With Creation Exploration: A to Z, Scripture is the Source and center of early learning. Nature elements featured in the Bible are used to introduce letters and letter sounds as well as concepts in math, science, health & wellness and character development. 

Creation Exploration: A to Z features 28 unit study guides framed out just enough for you to follow without it feeling rigid. Built around intentionally curated and strictly vetted picture book lists, each unit study offers guidance for what to read and how you can enjoy learning through play.


Each unit study features 4 components:

  1. True North Devotion to connect what you're learning about our world to God's Word
  2. Learning Orientation to introduce the unit theme and prompt you with questions to spark wonder, living book recommendations to enjoy, and a few academic takeaways to anchor your learning.
  3. Play Prompts to integrate learning across subjects and take the guesswork out of relevant (and realistic!) hands-on learning activities.
  4. Expansion Activities to extend learning and savor every moment of your child's curiosity.

Scope & Sequence

Creation Exploration: A to Z features 28 literature rich unit studies about the natural and living elements of creation. Topics include:

  • Space and time
  • Light and color
  • The water cycle
  • Plant life cycles
  • Precious stones
  • Biomes
  • Animal kinds
  • An introduction to the human body and brain

Units are presented in creation order but can be scheduled seasonally or simply by following your child's interests. 

Add the Adventure Kit

The accompanying God-led Learning Adventure Kit includes all the tools you'll need to spark your little learner's interest and orient your Creation Exploration adventure:

Release & Delivery Date

The official release date is March 21, 2024. The curriculum will be digitally delivered and activity kits will be shipped by that date.

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