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First Edition Printed Unit Studies

First Edition Printed Unit Studies

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Printed materials bundle for our learning series presented in our 2022 subscription kits. Each series covers 2 complementary topics (like space and sky; seeds and soil; trees and fruit) with full color, laminated Scripture literacy, Christ-like Character and activity cards for each unit.

What's inside?

The Grownup Field Guide is a 20+ page booklet that includes 2 complementary mini nature studies written to inspire the littlest learners to discover God by exploring the world He made. Each mini study includes:

  • True North Devotion to orient heart and mind for God-led learning.
  • A unit summary that connects the study topic to Scripture and real life.
  • Learning objectives for each of our cardinal points: identity, purpose, stewardship and mission.
  • Multisensory, age-specific activity prompts that spark learning and development across language and literacy, math, science, art, movement and character building.


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