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Sowing Series Activity Kit

Sowing Series Activity Kit

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Ss is for Seed. Gg is for Ground.

A seed is like a treasure chest. Hidden inside flowers and fruit, seeds contain the life of a new plant. In this study, we're going to learn how seeds grow and how the ground they're planted in makes all the difference.

Included in every Compass Box:

  • 2 True North devotions that brings scripture to life and sets the stage for hands-on learning
  • 2 themed learning orientation cards featuring letters, vocabulary and an anchoring Scripture
  • 2 Christ-like character cards that highlight traits we can observe about God from the world He created (and learn to model ourselves!)
  • 4 dry-erase guided exploration activities (letter-themed nature hunts and "live the lesson" bingo)
  • 1 STEAM-based sensory activity kit
  • 1 Grownup Field Guide with 20+ pages of play and discussion prompts broken down by age (1-2, 2.5 through 3, and 4-5) for extended exploration. Keep and repeat year after year!

All cards are laminated for longevity!

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