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Seed and Ground Classroom Activity Kit

Seed and Ground Classroom Activity Kit

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Ss is for Seed. Gg is for Ground.

A seed is like a treasure chest. Hidden inside flowers and fruit, seeds contain the life of a new plant. In this study, we're going to learn how seeds grow and how the ground they're planted in makes all the difference.

Classmates will love learning The Parable of the Sower together with their own materials to discover what kind of ground seeds need to sprout. 

This kit includes printed and digital copies of the Grownup Field Guide, printable Scripture Literacy, Christ-like Character and Activity Cards along with physical materials for 20 students to conduct the marigold experiment. 

Plant your seeds in different kinds of “ground” and see which grows best!

Included for each student:

  • 2 biodegradable seedling pots
  • Coir pellets to rehydrate for “good ground”
  • 1 packet of marigold seeds
  • 2 plant labels 

For the teacher:

  • Digital Grownup Field Guide
  • Printable Scripture Literacy Cards (Ss is for Seed, Gg is for Ground)
  • Printable Christ-like Character cards
  • Printable Activity Cards (Nature Hunt and Bingo for each letter)
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